(AS001): Caverns - We Lied

Album Review, rated 78% (AbsolutePunk | 2010 Oct 08)

"...a four song EP that spends as much time crafting haunting atmospheres consisting of electronic attributes and a prominent piano as it does tearing them down with brash, metal guitar riffs."

Recommended Artist, rated 5 out of 5 stars (TheSirensSound | 2010 Apr 21)

"HELL OF A BLAST. I won't be surprise if anyone fall crazy for Caverns. This is INSANELY GOOD. 10 years back I'll say its impossible to incorporate such blissful piano keys on an intensely dark and heavy riffs atmosphere."

Album Review (Delusions of Adequacy | 2010 Apr 16)

"There's more Isis and Pelican going on in the Caverns sound than there used to be, and less of the breakneck, jaw-dropping, turn-on-a-dime virtuosity. It's the sound of a band reluctant to stick to its old ways when instead it can explore novel expressions around its core sound."

Album Review, rated 4.0 out of 5.0 (Sputnikmusic | 2010 Apr 08)

"Most significantly, each of the above tracks demonstrates the greatest strength of We Lied: its creativity...We Lied is a meticulously crafted collection of songs that is a lot of fun to listen to."

Album Review, rated 5 out of 5 (DMV Spectrum | 2010 Apr 05)

"Caverns dazzles with its mix of instrumental rock music...instrumental crescendo rock music with one eye towards the cinematic and the other spurting blood in your face."

Album Review (DC Rock Live | 2010 Mar 25)

Five Questions For...Caverns (DCist | 2010 Feb 19)

Preview: Caverns, “We Lied” (All Our Noise | 2010 Feb 17)

(AS002): Arbouretum - Couldn't Hit It Sideways

Labeled: An incomplete guide to Baltimore imprints (City Paper | 2010 Jul 14)

Album Spotlight (Time to play b-sides | 2010 May 23)

"Couldn't Hit It Sideways is 51-minutes of churning, chugging improvisation and exploration of a simple and familiar chord progression...Heumann creates and tears down guitar lines- subtle changes that roll over the constant rhythm anchored by the bass and drums laid down by Corey Allender and JV Brian Carey."

Album Spotlight (Bmore Musically Informed | 2010 May 26)

(AS003): Small Sur - Bare Black

Small Sur delivers a three-song EP of haunting beauty (City Paper | 2010 Aug 04)

"Before even getting into musicianship and just how lovely 'Bare Black' is, let's ask real quick how in the hell does someone in a chaotic and just generally loud East Coast city even maintain the proper headspace to make three songs this halcyon's the sort of thing with such a satisfying wholeness that it feels like more the sum of its parts. "

Clusterf*ck: Future Islands, Small Sur, Winks (Bmore Musically Informed | 2010 July 09)

"Small Sur seems to master subtle drones, simple and addicting melodies, and the heartbeat of nature pumping through each croon more and more with each release."

Cloud Corner (Edition #7) (The 405 | 2010 July 07)

"Expect folk music done exceptionally well."

Monday Mailbox Melange (Love Shack, Baby | 2010 Jun 28)

"This is the stuff that folk bloggers drool over. It's no accident that they are touring with Strand of Oaks and The Wailing Wall, two other wonderfully talented artists. Starting out singularly slow and lonely, "Weeds" just never picks up speed and that's the thing to enjoy about it. The lazy, soothing, swaying of it will just pierce you with its prettiness."

Weeds by Small Sur (Indie Music Filter | 2010 Jun 24)

Mailbag: Small Sur - Bare Black EP (Shh, Listen... | 2010 Jun 22)

"The fine folks over at Aural States pointed me towards the warm, folk-tinged music of Small Sur, and I've been happily listening to it all evening. In fact, it's fair to say that it has become my evening - pushing aside the English Summer to make room for visions of vast, American forests and skies....there's something in the gentle, unhurried textures of Small Sur's music that makes me stop and take a deep breath."

LAST OF EBB | Small Sur (Their Bated Breath | 2010 Jun 22)

"DAYLIGHT WANING: Baltimore band Small Sur opens its latest EP, 'Bare Black' - with a highly personal and touching track called 'Weeds'. Lead singer, Bob Keal, wrote the gorgeous lines that open this record, in memory of his father who died of cancer: 'When I finally drive to visit my father's grave / Weeds and dandelions grow above where he lay / I will pull them from existence with calloused hands / They've grown harder for this very purpose since the day he left.' The three-track EP is composed of soft melodies, and hushed moments soft as down. Keal's voice is sullen and drifting one moment, and deep and wise as an old redwood the next. Small Sur let these songs breath, organically, giving the tracks an airy sense of soul - and an ambiance of transcendence through sustained sounds. To listen to 'Under Trees', the EP's second track, is to commune with nature - as a circular, repeating guitar rhythm gives way to light flute, rich interplay and wandering textures. It's the beautiful sense of possibility. "

Saturday Round Up (Slowcoustic | 2010 Jun 19)

New Small Sur EP - Bare Black (Pasta Primavera | 2010 Jun 18)

"...its powerful folkish sound energized me. The core of each track is beautifully written and performed while the nuances of horns and percussion that seep into each track are thoroughly well executed and breathtaking."

Track Spotlight (Ashebees' Fragments | 2010 Jun 15)

New Music Spotlight (Mixtape Muse | 2010 Jun 15)

"'Weeds' is a must listen for fans of Fleet Foxes, Horse Feathers, Phosphorescent, Townes Van Zandt, Deer Tick, etc. It's a drifting folk tune, with some gorgeous pedal tones from strings (cello or bass violin) and crystal clear melodies. There's sleepy slide guitar, and a haunting sense of emotion which challenges the listener to re-spin the track to try and put a finger on that feeling."