About Us

There are lots of labels out there. In fact, at this moment, there might be too many. The flow of music into this world is approaching deluge, if not far past it.

With our label, we are making a conscious effort to counter this trend. Much like parent site Aural States, with this label we want to make things specific, personal, in-depth, high-quality, and painstakingly constructed. Our catalog will be comprised only of EP length releases, with a limited-run physical pressing. We will not be taking submissions of albums for release. Each EP will be a labor of love, produced by collaboration between ourselves and an artist specifically approached about the project. Throughout the process, from conception to pressing, the final product will be shaped by both the artist, this label, and a select group of recording and production engineers, into a unique product that wouldn't or couldn't have been made under any other circumstances.

We want to bring back the feeling that each release is the result of a concerted effort on the part of the artist. Something that sees them investing more than their time and money, but their spirit. In this vein, one of our goals is to require one cover song on each release. The cover has long been relegated to the status of marketing tactic by the relentless industry machine, when it can be truly meaningful and relevant to both artist and listener. Something with a much more profound and long-lasting impact. Hopefully we can start to reclaim the cover from the depths of mediocrity.

As we grow, we think you'll find our catalog is distinctive and eclectic, and will always meet exacting standards to make for exciting releases.

Any and all inquiries should be directed to Greg Szeto via e-mail (auralstates@gmail.com).